The Lincoln Continental Continues to Define Luxury

The Lincoln Continental remains one of the most popular luxury cars among consumers today. The design features certainly bolster this conclusion. With auto folding mirrors, ambient lighting and available twin-panel moonroofs, this car surrounds itself in style and luxury.

The interior design of the Lincoln Continental features a plethora of features that are simply mind-blowing. The traditional roll-top cupholder and seamless center console with profound wood inlays are just a small part of the Lincoln Continental’s graceful look. The rich leather seats and in-door seat controls also add to the experience. Most Lincoln enthusiasts love to surround themselves in leather, and the Lincoln Continental never fails to disappoint.

A true Lincoln Continental enthusiast understands what the gloss black color themes represent. There is no misunderstanding the elevated blend of black represents both membership and ownership. If you are ready to experience a true Lincoln experience, test drive a Continental at Fox Grand Traverse Lincoln today.



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