Lincoln Nautilus the Highest Standard in Technological Innovation

Lincoln is pulling out all of the stops with its latest luxury crossover. The Lincoln Nautilus demonstrates the highest level of automotive technology innovation with its suite of impressive features. The Nautilus enthusiasts at Fox Grand Traverse Lincoln are eager to introduce you to this exceptional new entry in the crossover market.

The adaptive cruise control uses intuitive sensors to automatically adjust the speed depending on the pace of the traffic in front of you. You get to enjoy the convenience of cruise control without having to worry about braking and accelerating.

The available enhanced active park assist feature uses ultrasonic sensors to locate parking spots and assist the Lincoln Nautilus to steer into place. Parking and reversing is a breeze with the perpendicular park assist. The innovative park out assist helps to get out of even the tightest parallel parking spots. The shifter buttons give the driver ultimate control over the parking positioning.



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