The Right Children's Car Seat

Automotive collisions remain one the most common causes of fatality in children. Keeping youngsters safe in any vehicle requires installing and using the appropriate car seat. At Fox Grand Traverse Lincoln, we have a number of vehicles that are just right for your growing family. Stop by and go for a test drive.

Newborns and young infants need rear-facing car seats that are typically portable along with being easy to install or remove. The seats must be secured using the vehicle's seat belt. The seat itself typically has a harness that secures the infant in the seat.

As a child becomes older, there are seats that face the front. They typically feature a harness and some type of padded tray that comes down over the front of the child and snaps securely in place. Older youngsters typically need a simple booster seat that attaches to the vehicle seat and uses the over-the-shoulder seat belt to secure the child.



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