You can bring you cat, dog or other pet for a leisurely ride to the park, a vacation or a trip to the vet without sacrificing your car's interior. In fact, pet-proofing your car may encourage you to bring your pet along more often, which will be fun for both of you.

A quick brushing right before you leave ought to remove loose hairs and reduce the amount that could get trapped in your upholstery. Keep your pet in a carrier to really reduce the contact they make with the seats or put down a thick blanket, pet pad or towel for them to claim as their space.

For any pet hair that manages to sneak into your seat's fabric, you can coax it out using a spray bottle filled with water into which you mixed two teaspoonfuls of fabric softener. Spray it on your seat, then rub in one direction of your fabric wearing rubber gloves to collect the hair into small piles and discard it.



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