At Fox Grand Traverse Lincoln, we see a lot of vehicles brought into our service center during the spring months. These appointments aren't necessarily for repairs. A lot of people choose this time of year to have routine maintenance performed. This is a great idea. After a long winter, your vehicle could use some TLC. Here are some of our favorite spring car care tips.
  • Have your oil changed according to what your owner's manual suggests.
  • Your oil filter should be replaced during the oil change.
  • A tire inspection will provide valuable information regarding whether or not you need a new set of tires soon.
  • Winter tires should be swapped out for your warm weather set.
  • Have your belts, clamps and hoses professionally checked for any concerns.
  • An air conditioning system should be checked before the weather turns extremely warm outside.
  • Have your cooling system flushed and refilled with a good quality coolant.


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