Taking pride in car ownership often translates into keeping the vehicle clean. And cleaning a car extends even to the engine. If you ever popped the hood and noticed a lot of grime, that's because dirt does get under the hood. And it will stay there unless someone cleans the engine and the various removable caps. So, let's look at an overview of cleaning a cooled engine in Traverse City.

Take off the various covers and caps and clean them. Add covers to electrical components as you don't want them to get wet. Spray on a degreaser formula to break up all that grime and dirt.

Wipe and scrub the engine and work with the degreaser formula to clean things. Rinse off the engine afterward and then let it dry. The engine should look clean soon right away.

Sometimes, you'll need a lot more work than a nice engine cleaning. Visit the service department at Fox Grand Traverse Lincoln for any maintenance.


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