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How to Share a Road With a Bicyclist

If you see an individual riding his or her bike on the road, be sure to give that person enough room to safely stop, slow down or make a lane change. If you notice that a bicyclist is riding while wearing headphones, assume that he or she is completely unaware of your presence.

This means that you will need to reduce your speed and eliminate any distractions that you might face in an effort to avoid a collision. These distractions may include loud passengers, loud music or the temptation to use your cellphone to make a call or answer a…

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Why Buy A Used Car Instead Of New?

It's The Educated Decision
Anyone who runs numbers will quickly realize how much more expensive it is to buy a new car compared to a used one. And the sad part is that most used cars have the same driving features and technology that new cars have.

Used Cars Perform The Same Function
You'll be surprised at how clean some used cars look when being driven off the lot. Pick out a used luxury or economy car that fits you, and you'll save money while driving in a seemingly new car.


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Monitor Your Blind Zones With the 2019 Lincoln MKT

Blind spots are a common issue with drivers of various vehicles. If people do not adequately mind their blind spots, then they can run into some problems while they are on the road. This is one contributing factor to the type of vehicle the 2019 Lincoln MKT is designed to be.

The Lincoln MKT comes with the Blind Spot Information System. This involves the use of a radar to detect any object in your blind spot so that you can keep safe in the case you are about to change into the other lane. The icon on the mirror will…

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Simplifying Automotive Terminology: Adaptive Cruise Control

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Simplifying Automotive Terminology: Adaptive Cruise Control.

As cars become more advanced so do their performance options.  As you may find in your search, there are multiple names for the same type of technology. Fox Motors is here to make your car buying experience easier by simplifying these names. Intelligent Cruise Control which may also be known as distronic, or traffic-aware cruise control; controls acceleration and braking to maintain a prescribed distance between it and the vehicle in front.

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The Fox Motors Labor Day Sales Event is Here at Fox Grand Traverse Lincoln

SAVE BIG at Fox Motors Labor Day Sales Event

Happening from August 20th through September 3rd, the Fox Motors Labor Day Sales Event offers you a way to enjoy deep discounts and savings for two weeks only!  If you're in the market for a new car or SUV in the Traverse City area, then the right time to buy is with us during our Labor Day Sales Event! Happening for only two weeks, August 20th through September 3rd, you can save big on the new, used, and Certified Pre-Owned model you want here in the Traverse City area.

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Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Provide Exceptional Benefits

The popular Lincoln Certified Pre-owned program allows buyers to have a unique experience and the program offers several exceptional benefits.

Every Lincoln Certified Pre-owned vehicle receives a six-year limited warranty that includes the replacement of parts, or repairs, for more than 1,000 components. The comprehensive warranty uses the original start date of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This ensures peace of mind for knowing your vehicle is covered for any potential deficiencies that would typically be an out of pocket expense.

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It's All On Sale For 4 Days Only!

The Fox Motors Silent Salesperson Sale- 4 DAYS ONLY!

During this Fox Motors exclusive event, get the absolute best price with an exceptional shopping experience! Starting this Saturday, all of our vehicles will be clearly tagged with the most remarkable, no-haggle price. Even while our doors are closed on Memorial Day, you can still check out the lowest possible price displayed on our lot!

Showroom Hours:
Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm
Sunday: Closed, shop the…
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