How To Use A Roof Rack Without Losing Fuel Efficiency

One of the best ways for Traverse City drivers to haul lots of cargo without cramping their vehicle interiors is by taking advantage of their roof racks. A good roof rack can be used to store everything from luggage to your favorite canoe. Best of all, if you use and maintain it properly, it doesn't have to have a long-term impact on fuel efficiency.

Take The Rack Down When You Aren't Using It

Roof racks are manufactured with increasingly lightweight materials. Fortunately, these changes in design don't compromise their durability or reliability. Instead, their lighter designs help cut down on efficiency loss when these systems are in use. When you're done transporting cargo, however, it's still important to take your roof rack down. Changes in the aerodynamics of your vehicle when this structure is in place will have a noticeable impact on fuel economy over time.

If you're a driver who likes a smooth, quiet ride, you'll also find that an empty roof rack creates the perfect conditions for producing lots of annoying wind noise. This extra noise can be a good reminder that you've forgotten to take your roof rack off. Visit us today at Fox Grand Traverse Lincoln to learn more about roof rack removal, maintenance, and use, and to have your car serviced.


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