If you're new to owning a vehicle or just haven't had many problems on the vehicles that you've had, you might not know all of the potential signs of exhaust and muffler problems. Knowing when you might have a problem with your exhaust system can help you give yourself a heads-up to potential problems with your vehicle that might be in the works. It's always better to fix things sooner rather than later, and watching for these signs can help you take your vehicle into the mechanic sooner.

When you notice that you tailpipe or entire exhaust system is hanging low, you need to get it fixed. On some vehicles, the exhaust system can fall if the system that holds it up gets damaged by rust or by the car bottoming out on a driveway.

You might also notice a change in the sounds that you car makes when it's running. This could be because of cracks in the pipes or problems with the manifold.


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