In all the things that can go wrong with your vehicle, a flat tire can be the most demanding. After all, when your tire loses too much pressure you are forced to deal with the situation right then. By monitoring tire pressure, many flat tires and blow outs can be avoided. When the tire pressure sensor on your gauge cluster lights up, it is time to act.

When left unattended, low tire pressure can cause more damage than you might realize. When the tires on your vehicle are not inflated to the manufacturer's standards, constant wear and tear is occurring on your vehicle that can cause irreversible damage to your tires. Even driving around with one low tire can affect the safety and fuel economy of your vehicle.

Aside from affecting your vehicle's efficiency and safety functionality, a tire that has low pressure can also lead to larger accidents. When a tire blows out or goes flat traveling at a fast pace, such as during highway travel, it can cause damage to the body of your vehicle, harm passengers, and even disrupt other drivers. Avoiding tire mishaps at all costs is the best route, and prevention via tire pressure maintenance is key.


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