The Lincoln Corsair is a new model of car from the popular Lincoln brand. The car offers many advanced features, including lane detection and collision mitigation technology to help keep you safe on the road. These are just two of the technological advancements that make this vehicle so special.

The vehicle's technology is state of the art. The Lincoln Corsair contains automatic braking and lane departure warning, which automatically engage when they sense an obstacle or deviation from your set path. This feature is good for keeping you on the road and away from potential hazards such as other cars or falling into a ditch.

This saves lives and prevents many accidents from happening, making cars with automatic braking extremely popular.

The car also includes an LCD touch screen that can be used to control lighting, GPS directions and more, giving drivers the power of various functions at their fingertips.

Additionally this vehicle has a voice-activated navigation system that makes it easy for drivers to reroute on the fly.


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