Winter is coming, and with it comes a time of year when we all need to be prepared. Whether you're taking a winter vacation or simply staying home and hibernating, many potential dangers can strike during the cold months. These include power outages, snowstorms, food spoilage, and more. The best way to be safe during the winter is with a survival kit. The following steps will lead you through the process of assembling your survival kit for winter:

1. Prepare an inventory of what you already have

Before making a shopping list, take stock of all the items in your house that might be useful for wintertime survival, such as winter clothing and accessories, food and water, and radio & communication gear.

2 . Create a budget and devise your shopping plan. You will need to be thorough in your shopping.

3 . Gather the items together in one place so you can find them easily

4 . Fix any broken items before winter begins

These steps are enough for you to assemble your survival kit.


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