A transfer case is a small, heavy-duty gearbox that splits engine power between the front and rear wheels of a vehicle. In some cases, the transmission can send power to all four wheels. Transfer cases are found in many vehicles — from trucks, SUVs, and vans to cars with all-wheel drive (AWD). They're also used in off-road vehicles, like Jeeps and rock crawlers.

There are two basic types of transfer cases; manual (with a lever) and automatic. Manual transfer cases use a lever or button to engage or disengage different gears; automatic ones use an electric motor to shift gears automatically. Both types have multiple gear ratios to allow different amounts of torque to be sent through the drivetrain at different speeds.

The primary function of a transfer case is to split engine power between the front and rear wheels. Driving a four-wheel drive with two drivetrain option makes sense when fitted with a transfer case.


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